Mission Statement

The Law Office of Karen Suri is a family law firm that handles issues such as divorce, uncontested and default divorce, child custody, visitation, domestic violence, child support, including LGBTQ issues. I also handle guardianship cases.

I am a Certified Family Law Specialist with a deep and advanced knowledge of family law. This only increases the deep strategy that needs to take place for your individual case, and the knowledge it takes to resolve the issues in your case.

The first priority of my law office is to provide excellent service to my clients. I understand how frustrating it can be to wonder what is happening in your case, or feel that you cannot get an answer to your questions. As your attorney, it is most important to me that you understand your case, agree with the strategy, and receive a timely response to your questions.

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Affordable Quality Service is my Goal

My ultimate goal for every client is to provide a transparent and efficient experience, thereby minimizing the litigation in your case. This goes hand-in-hand with following the custom tailored case strategy that works for you. My concern is to find the best and most efficient strategy for you to approve in order to resolve the issues in your case.

Family law issues can be emotional, draining, and sometimes you just feel like it will never end. My goal is to provide you with clarity in your case through agreed upon strategy so you know what will be happening in your case, and can easily follow up.