Avoid the Courtroom With Mediation

Work with a mediation attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Although you want to resolve your legal situation quickly, you might not be prepared to take someone to court. Between the costs, the paperwork and the long legal process, a lawsuit can be taxing. Fortunately, mediation is a good alternative.

With legal mediation, you can get professional help with your claims without having to file a court case. The Law Office of Karen Suri can act as a mediator, working with you and the other party to reach a reasonable resolution.

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Learn about the mediation process

The procedure for mediation works quickly, and it usually comes at a lower cost than filing a court case in Los Angeles, CA. The basic steps of mediation are as follows:

  • The disputing parties agree to come together with a legal mediation representative
  • You and the other parties discuss your disagreements and demands
  • The mediator finds reasonable accommodations that fit both parties
  • Once the parties come to an agreement, legal paperwork makes it official
You deserve a reasonable solution to your dispute, and you shouldn't have to spend a lot of time, money and energy fighting for it. Rely on The Law Office of Karen Suri to provide mediation services, so you can avoid the headaches of going to court.