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Children should grow up in a loving, nurturing environment. If you're trying to become a child's legal guardian, hire The Law Office Of Karen Suri to help. I have extensive experience in this area of law and have achieved great results for my clients. You can trust me to pursue your interests aggressively while keeping your child's best interests front of mind.

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Here are three reasons why I'm the right guardianship attorney for you.

1 | My top goal is to help you understand your options.

I understand how stressful this process can be. I'll explain your options clearly so you can make a wise decision for your family.

2 | I offer comprehensive legal services.

I've done everything from trial litigation to guardship mediation in Los Angeles, California.

3 | I'll help you save time and resources.

A long guardianship process can leave you spent financially and emotionally. I'll work to resolve your case as quickly as possible.