Learn Before You Commit to Representation

Obtain reliable legal advice in Los Angeles, CA

Legal representation can be expensive, and it's important to know that your lawyer is suited to help you with your situation. This is where a consultation comes in handy.

When you visit a law firm for a consultation, you can get legal advice pertaining to your needs without the commitment of hiring the lawyer. Most law firms can provide you with basic guidance and potentially represent you in court if you need.

The Law Office of Karen Suri practices family law, but can offer a legal consultation in any area of law. I can be here for you if you need legal advice or representation in Los Angeles, CA. Email me now to set a meeting.

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How to prepare for a consultation

When you go to a law office in Los Angeles, CA for legal advice, it's important to be ready for the meeting. With the right groundwork for your legal consultation, you can get the most out of your meeting. Be sure to:

  • Organize - Bring relevant documents, so the lawyer can review them
  • Ask questions - Don't be afraid to ask for clarification on any topic
  • Collect information - Take notes and ask for copies of any documents the lawyer offers
The Law Office of Karen Suri can guide you through your legal troubles and answer any questions you have about your specific needs. Reach out today to schedule a legal consultation with me.